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The Other PARCC (movie) – Spanish Version

Resources for Refusing the PARCC

Step by Step Guide  PDF

Refusal Letter Template   PDF   Word
(Spanish Version  PDF  Word)

Frequently Asked Questions about the PARCC

1. Do parents have the right to opt their children out of the PARCC tests?
2. How will the PARCC test results be used?
3. Is passing the PARCC tests a graduation requirement in New Jersey?
4. Could my child be required to “sit & stare” while her/his peers are taking the PARCC tests?
5. If I refuse the PARCC tests for my child, will her/his school lose funding?
6. May a district or charter school set deadlines for parents to turn in refusal forms or force parents to attend in-person meetings or to sign special forms in order to refuse PARCC?
7. Do students who refuse to take the PARCC tests hurt their teachers?
8. Are high-stakes standardized tests such as PARCC helpful in identifying whether students are “college ready?”
9. What accommodations for PARCC may be made for students with Individual Education Plans?

The 12 Reasons We Oppose the PARCC Test   English  Spanish

How Should Students Be Assessed? Our Recommendations

NJ’s New Graduation Testing Requirements

NJ School Districts with Supportive Policies for PARCC Refusers

The number of districts with PARCC refusal policies that accommodate parent/student wishes with an alternative venue or activities is continuing to grow!

NJ Pro-Public Education Parent Groups

We want to make it easier for public education supporters in every community to find each other. Check out the list of NJ Parent Groups here.

Please email us if you would like assistance organizing a PARCC event in your community.

Please also email us if you have any questions or suggestions of additional resources that we can add to this page.

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