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I am a member of Save Our Schools NJ because I believe in the work it is doing to protect public education and to inform parents all across the state of New Jersey about the threats to public education. – Gary Frazier, Camden

As a historian who has written about the ideas that have driven the development of public schooling in America, I have a strong interest in its preservation, which is why I became involved with Save Our Schools NJ. – Connie Goddard, Trenton

The new economic climate has shined a spotlight on public dollars being spent, and it is clear NJ must be smart in crafting its public education initiatives. Not only has Save Our Schools NJ increased awareness of education issues with parents and taxpayers across the state, it has educated our elected officials regarding the pros and cons of the reforms being considered. The group is making a difference – people are listening, learning and taking action. – Lisa Levine, Princeton

I have been an active member of Save Our Schools NJ because I believe in our public schools. Save Our Schools NJ has helped to coordinate opposition to initiatives that would hurt our State’s public schools and students, including voucher initiatives and reductions in school funding. It also has worked to reform New Jersey’s broken charter school law. Being a part of Save Our Schools NJ has allowed my voice to be heard in a way that would be impossible on my own. – Audrey Chen, Princeton

Economic and social justice becomes possible only when every child has access to a high-quality public education, and when all schools are transparent and accountable to the public they serve. Our schools and our communities are dependent on each other. I consider it a civic responsibility to support and strengthen our schools for ALL of our children. – Cris Rampolla, East Brunswick

I believe in quality public schools for all children. To maintain those quality public schools, we need to make sure communities have local democratic control of public education. I volunteer for Save Our Schools NJ so that we can continue to have excellent public schools in New Jersey. – Lisa Witlen, North Brunswick

I joined Save Our Schools NJ because I believe in standing up at a grassroots level for what is important for our communities and our state. I am passionate about public education, and I am concerned that, during these times of financial austerity, public education is being mistakenly whittled away through under-funding, private interests, and lack of input from communities about what fits their needs and their budget. I am convinced that public education must remain as broad-based as possible to create greater social cohesion and respect and to serve the most people in society. I want to see ALL children have the opportunity that mine did – to have access to a free public education that gave them knowledge and friends from diverse backgrounds, religions, races, and political beliefs; teaching them to be educated citizens, united in a great democracy.- Jill Kimelman, Millburn

The public schools in our town are the cornerstone of our community. Families are drawn here by the high-quality public education. That’s what drew my parents in the 1970’s, and that’s the reason my husband and I moved back to our home-town to start our family. I got involved with Save Our Schools NJ to protect that public school system and our community. – Susan Welkovits, Highland Park

As a parent with 3 young, school-aged children, I volunteer my time with Save Our Schools NJ to ensure they continue to receive the exemplary education in our local public school and to fight for all of New Jersey’s children to be treated fairly and provided the same opportunities, which is their right. – Jeanine Martin, Voorhees

All children must have access to a high quality public education that is locally, democratically controlled. It is a critical building block of our democracy and of economic and social justice. That’s why I volunteer for Save Our Schools NJ. – Julia Sass Rubin, Princeton

I became involved with Save Our Schools NJ when I saw my school districts state aid cut by 95%. This had an immediate impact on the services that my district was able to offer. – Jill DeMaio, Monroe

I never intended to become a grassroots education activist, but when I saw the great public schools in my little town come under attack, I couldn’t help but get involved. I quickly found that what was happening in my town was also happening in towns across New Jersey. And it didn’t take much longer to understand that it’s not just happening in New Jersey – the attack on public education is nationwide. Parents in my community came together and were able to successfully defend our public schools. With that fight behind me, I am thrilled to be working with Save Our Schools NJ to ensure that parents across the state feel empowered to defend public, education not just for their children, but for all children. – Darcie Cimarusti, Highland Park

I decided to join Save Our Schools NJ because the children in Trenton are remarkable and deserve an education that is as outstanding as the education given in the suburban public schools of our great state. – Trisha King, Trenton

For several years now, I have watched as New Jersey education has become a political bargaining chip, which has allowed our children’s futures to be sold to either the highest bidder or the latest political crony. I joined Save Our Schools NJ because I feel it is time for the people of this state to make our voices heard and to tell our politicians that this is not acceptable under any circumstance. – Rita McClellan, Cherry Hill

When a new charter school was approved for my district with no input from the residents, I was outraged. So I looked around for a parent group I could join so that the wishes of my community could be heard. Save Our Schools NJ was exactly the group of informed, vocal parents I was seeking! – Debbie Baer, Robbinsville

NJ education has become fertile ground for individuals interested in building a profitable business at the expense of one of the nation’s very best public school systems and its students. I decided to join Save Our Schools NJ because I wanted to ensure that the foundation of New Jersey’s public school education does not crumble at the hands of these profiteers. – Lisa Grieco-Rodgers, Monmouth Junction

Quality public education is a cornerstone of democratic government. Not only does it help children to become more intelligent and informed voters as adults, it also provides access to opportunities for the socioeconomic betterment for every student. That is why I support Save Our Schools NJ. – Sarah Rappoport, Teaneck

Save Our Schools NJ is a unique organization. No paid staff, no politics, no benefactors to be beholden to. Save Our Schools NJ is a group of ordinary folks trying to protect a New Jersey gem. No other group is as singularly focused on full funding and local control of public schools. As a former board of education member who has been involved with other advocacy groups, I am impressed with Save Our Schools NJ’s ability to mobilize and impact the legislative process in Trenton. Save Our Schools NJ is making a difference. Anyone who is concerned about the issues can easily become involved. – Susan Carlsson, Bernards Township


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