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High Stakes Standardized Testing:

High Stakes Standardized testing relies on test scores to make critical decisions regarding a student’s ability to graduate, whether or not a teacher maintains their job, and has caused schools to shut down. These tests do not improve the student’s academic potential and they negatively impact communities through the burden placed on finances and resources. Save Our Schools NJ resists such testing and wishes to utilize the time and money currently put towards standardized tests on supportive learning experiences. 

School Funding:

Save Our Schools NJ advocates for the full funding of all New Jersey public schools. The adequacy budget is set in order to provide every student with a “thorough and efficient education” required by the New Jersey State Constitution.   

Charter School Policy:

Charter schools are publicly funded, but privately managed schools. Save Our Schools NJ advocates for transparency, as tax-payers should know where their money goes and how it's used; for giving local districts the ability to vote on whether a charter school opens or expands; and for having the state pay for charter schools directly rather than taking money from the local public school.  

School Voucher Basics:

Taxpayer-funded vouchers provide public funding to pay for a student’s tuition at a private or religious school. However, students receiving vouchers do not perform better academically and frequently are the cause of further segregation in school systems. This negatively affects students in public schools, as funding is taken away from their educational experience. Save Our Schools NJ does not support this use of school vouchers and its detrimental impact on public education systems.

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